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Moodboard Monday - The B's Room


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Moodboard Monday - The B's Room

Emily Deisler

I love feeling inspired. People inspire me. Decorating inspires me. Heck, I've felt inspired looking at the color variations in a broken rock. My hope in life is to inspire others to create something they love, that will bring joy to their home. So I am starting "Moodboard Monday's", where I share a room with you that I am either designing for someone, with someone, or have dreamed up in my head. The goal is to hopefully inspire others in their home. Along with the design I will share where I found a few of the items, so you can recreate it and make it your own.

To kick-off this new idea I will be sharing a moodboard I designed for my dear friend Rachael. Rachael has two adorable girls that are so full of life and energy, and she wanted to design a new bedroom for her daughters. Rachael is also a designer, so this project was especially fun because we fed off each others creative juices! 

Kids room are my absolute favorite interiors to decorate. You can do so many things that adults would find to be "too much". Just because we grow up doesn't mean things need to look boring... but that topic could be a whole different blog post. My philosophy- if you like it, it's never too much, bring on the color and texture! I wanted a space that matched their personalities, and was fun for them to live in, and would match their level of energy.

As someone who grew up sharing a room with her sisters, I know how special it can be. My mom was an interior designer and always decorated it to fit our tastes perfectly. I wanted to make sure the design coordinated, but each of "the B's" had elements unique to themselves. Hopefully this can inspire a room in your home! 


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Links from left to right.

  1. Butterfly Chair
  2. Coral Quilt
  3. Gingham Duvet
  4. Chalk Paint
  5. Wall Mirror (different than pictured)
  6. Flamingo Sheets 
  7. Arrow Curtains or make your own! Fabric
  8. Honeycomb Wall DIY
  9. Monogram Hook