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Moodboard Monday - Office for an optimist


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Moodboard Monday - Office for an optimist

Emily Deisler

I love feeling inspired. People inspire me. Decorating inspires me. Heck, I've felt inspired looking at the color variations in a broken rock. My hope in life is to inspire others to create something they love, that will bring joy to their home. So I am starting "Moodboard Monday's", where I share a room with you that I am either designing for someone, with someone, or have dreamed up in my head. The goal is to hopefully inspire others in their home. Along with the design I will share where I found a few of the items, so you can recreate it and make it your own.

I love color. It's pry the closest thing I have to a sixth sense. Don't get me wrong, neutrals are so gorgeous and hot right now - you can't go wrong in that family. But because there are so many amazing designers out there (cough* Jo Jo) doing neutrals so well, I will be keeping my mood boards colorful and punchy. 

I love the energy color brings to a room and the way it effects the mood and creativity of the people in it. My natural tendency in our home has always been in the blue/green family. I like people to feel relaxed and comfortable. My walls are painted in different shades of blue and pops of green are carried throughout the decor. I like it to flow room to room. You know where the flow stops though? Inside the office of West 5th. The ceiling is pink, colorful artwork lines the walls, and I've just added a newly refinished turquoise painted dresser. It's loud and inspiring and I love it. So when working on a project to design an office space for a special lady with a girl boss personality, that concept came to mind. Letting the decor in the office give a sneak peak into her personality. I wanted the color to be unique as her but still professional and inviting for her clientele. 

Setting the Mood

This mood board was created to be feminine, professional, and a little shabby chic. It was originally developed for a professional office space but I adapted it slightly for a home office, craft room, or even bedroom with a little extra work. Like light and airy? Paint the walls a light grey, or sea salt blue. Want something more dramatic and bohemian? Choose a navy or indigo swatch with lots of copper and mirrored accessories. 


Note: For all my ladies out there ballin' on a budget, there are alternative links available in addition to pricey items pictured in the mood board. Reality is, what's cutest usually isn't what's most affordable. We work hard for that money, so we can't blow it all on an accent chair. 


Have a space you would like help gathering inspiration for?

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Links from left to right.

  1. Desk, Budget friendly desk, my favorite trick - find one thats used and paint it!
  2. Curtains
  3. Bookend
  4. Accent chair, Budget friendly chair
  5. Copper planter
  6. Ship table lamp, Budget friendly lamp
  7. Rug, Pink Rug
  8. Vase
  9. Poster
  10. Storage
  11. Task lamp