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Beach Waves Baby

Emily Deisler

I really love hair. Easy to switch up, it’s my favorite way to express my style. I like many cuts and looks, and have tried most of them. The look I always come back to is classy-meets-a-little-bit-of-a-hot-mess. While this is intended to be a home blog, who doesn’t want to be feeling cute while they do a little decorating on a Saturday morning? So here is an illustrated post on how to get messy beach waves, because I can draw better than I can take pictures.


You can start with a good wash the night before, spray with a leave-in conditioner, brush, and let it air dry. I prefer this method because my hair holds curl best when it’s not freshly blown dry. A little bit of oil goes a long way, so just sleep on it!



Your results will be best with straight ends, so if your hair is wavy I recommend doing a quick pass through with the straightener. The leave-in conditioner I use has a heat protector in it, but if yours doesn’t spritz with a heat protector spray. Great hair starts with healthy hair!

My hair is very thick and has a coarse texture that holds curl well. If your hair is fine or thin I recommend spritzing with a salt spray to help give it some grit. This will also prevent your strands from slipping on the curling wand barrel. 


Put half your hair up, and start with the bottom half. This style is created by waving sections in opposite directions. Grab a section about an inch in width. Wrap the hair away from your face to start.

For short hair, go around the wand once or twice. For long hair, you can wrap around 1-3 times. Always leave roughly 2 inches at the end, away from the wand or iron. Don’t curl the ends at all. I only add a few curls overall to the bottom layer. With short hair, most of what is underneath is hidden.

Now reverse the direction of how you wrap your hair, and wrap towards your face. Switching up which way you wrap, along with how many times you wrap is what gives it variety and body. Also vary where you start wrapping the curls, whether it be at the root or halfway down the section of hair. The more you switch it up, the more variety your curl will have - creating a natural wave look.

Continue this process on the top section until you’ve reached your desired amount of curl. 


Once I am done curling, I add shine serum to the ends of my hair. It helps catch light on the texture while also making the ends look healthier. Give your roots a shake and run your fingers through the big curls. Never us a brush! When done playing with your locks, finish with a little hairspray. I like a flexible hold so the curls fall over time, and your hair isn’t stiff.


Voila! You are looking fresh. With a little dry shampoo and touch-ups your efforts should last for a couple days. You can see the products I use by shopping the links below. No sponsors here - just the goods I’ve found work for me.

You can leave any questions or comments below!

A little #beachwave how to on the blog tomorrow. Because messy hair is fun. #shorthair #choppybob

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